Uncalled-for trouble in HK


CHINA has acted with responsibility and demonstrated utmost restraint in dealing with the protests in Hong Kong that often go violent on the part of demonstrators. Sunday again saw two police officers beaten by the protestors. Trouble flared when police asked the gathering to disperse after officers were attacked by the angry protestors with bottles and pant. This is not the first time that the police and passersby were attacked or the transport paralyzed by the protestors. Had the police reacted with force, the situation could have gone far worse but it is really laudable that the restraint on the part of security forces avoided any casualties in the latest incident as well.
The fact of the matter is that China has demonstrated greater flexibility on the matter and rather recognizing the democratic rights of protestors have never barred them from holding demonstrations. Had the same kind of situation erupted in the so-called champions of human rights, they would have dealt with it sternly on the name of maintaining law and order situation and protection of life and property of other people. Anyway these protests have proved one thing very clear that these do not enjoy the support of a substantial part of the public rather certain foreign forces not happy with the progress and development of China are encouraging this sort of violence in the streets of Hong Kong with the aim to hurt China. By destabilizing the territory they want to wipe out the historic progress made by it since the ‘one country, two systems policy’ was applied. But we are confident that China, just like the past, will foil their plots this time too. As regards the opposition to the extradition bill either by the protestors or their foreign supporters is concerned, we understand it is uncalled-for as the legislation is aimed at strengthening the territory’s rule of law and deliver justice. Instead of raising alarm bells on non-issues and intervening in the internal matters of other countries, it will be better for the western countries as well as human rights groups to divert their attention towards the excesses and oppression being committed by India both in its territory and occupied Kashmir against minorities especially the Muslims. Rising above political and economic expediency, they should take strict action against India to stop it from its fascist and racist agenda.