UN official meets IEA deputy PM, discusses ban on female NGO workers


The UN deputy envoy in Afghanistan, Markus Potzel, on Sunday met with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s (IEA) Deputy Prime Minister for Administrative Affairs, Abdul Salam Hanafi, and called on IEA to reconsider ban on women in universities and NGOs.

Noting that 28 million Afghans need urgent international aid, Potzel said that continuation of the existing situation would force the international community to reconsider its humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan, according to a statement issued by the government.

Potzen urged Hanafi to deliver the UN’s message to the IEA leadership.

Meanwhile, UN envoy’s special adviser, who was also present in the meeting, said that UN has appealed for $4.5 billion aid for Afghanistan for 2023, but it cannot get it due to continued restrictions.

For his part, IEA Deputy PM for Administrative Affairs Hanafi said that Afghanistan has suffered a lot due to conflicts over the past four decades and it needs international assistance.

He emphasized that problems should be resolved through talks, adding that international aid should not be stopped otherwise people would be affected.

Hanafi said that the international community should consider Afghanistan’s traditions and customs. He added that IEA is committed to creating better conditions for the operation of international organizations in Afghanistan.—Ariana news