Ulema role sought to end hatred from society

Our Correspondent

Chief of Islami Roohani Mission Pakistan Prof. Maqsood Illahi on Sunday said religious scholars and Ulema should play role to end hatred from the society and create unity to disseminate real teachings of Islam.

Addressing the “Mashaikh Conference” organized here at the Auditorium of Hyderabad Press club, Prof. Maqsood Illahi said Sindh is a soil of saints and Sufis and people of this region always extended love and affection to the religious scholars.

The objective of the Sufis and Mashaikh was to take those people back on the right track who had diverted to the wrong direction, Prof. Maqsood said and called upon ulema not to issue ‘Fatwas’ against each other as this was against the teachings of Islam.

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