UK team visits MRCP PACES center


Staff Reporter

After mutual collaboration, conferences and Memorandum Of Understanding between Surgeon General of Pakistan Army and Royal College of Physicians UK, Federation of Royal Colleges of Physicians UK five member team headed by Dr Donald Farquhar International Medical Director for MRCP visited Pakistan to conduct MRCP PACES clinical examination. The MRCP PACES clinical examination was conducted at Pak Emirates Military Hospital Rawalpindi which is the first ever center established in Pakistan by Royal College of Physicians UK. This has been the 15 year journey to open a “MRCP PACES Center in Pakistan”. From now on, MRCP PACES Clinical Examination (UK) will be held regularly at least twice a year in Pakistan
The panel of examination from UK, Dr Donald Farquhar, Prof Charles Twort, Dr Peter Newman, Dr Tanzeem Raza and Dr Roderick Harvery, were joined by team in Pakistan included Prof Aamir Ghafoor Khan Lead Examiner for MRCP in Pakistan, Prof Imran Fazal, Prof Khurshid Muhammad Uttra, Prof Wasim Alamgir, Prof Zafar Ali Qureshi, Prof Shazia Nisar, Prof Azmat Hayat, Dr Asim Yousaf, Dr Muhammad Salim, Dr Haroon Hafiz and Dr Mohsin Saif.
The exam lasted three days and 45 candidates were examined.