UK Hc for expanding partnerships


ISLAMABAD British High Commissioner to Pakistan, Dr Christian Turner CMG, has set out his ambition to double UK-Pakistan trade during a twoday programme in the North of England. Speaking at a business event in Manchester, he called on business leaders to build on their deep UKPakistan ties and the changing perceptions of Pakistan. He set out how positive British government policies had the potential to help unleash Pakistan’s growth through tapping potential, and expanding existing partnerships. Dr Turner said: “I want the business community to be part of unleashing the full, enormous potential of the UK-Pakistan relationship; my ambition is to double the trade between our two countries. The community ties in the northwest of England exemplify our unique partnership and we want to challenge perceptions of Pakistan – it’s a country modernising fast and changing for the better.” During the visit, which also covered Leeds and Bradford, the High Commissioner flagged that UK Export Finance, the UK’s expiry credit agency, had a £1bn facility of which only £3m was currently being utilised. He also planned to double the size of the British High Commission trade team and further support economic development and technical expertise in Pakistan.

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