UK couple names their baby girl ‘pakora’



Have you ever seen a pakora (fritter) you would never want to eat? Well, there is one adorable “pa-kora” in the world no one would like to feast on but shower their love on instead.

The savoury being discussed here is not an actual food item but a new born baby girl who has been named after the popular cuisine widely loved with tea on rainy days.

It’s common for people to name their children after their favourite people or places but naming someone after food is highly peculiar.

A news article by Khaleej Times read that a fa-mous eatery in Newtownabbey in Ireland — instead of promoting a new deal or addition to their menu — announced that a British couple who visits them regularly has named their new born daughter after the fritters they offer as part of their South Asian cuisine.

The restaurant also shared a picture of the baby girl named “Pakora” on Facebook, captioning it as:

“Now this is a first… Welcome to the world Pa-kora! We can’t wait to meet you! xx.” Netizens were amused to see the post. They ex-tended their heartiest congratulations to the new parents and even wrote funny comments.

One user cited by the publication wrote: “My favourite things to eat during my two pregnancies were banana popsicles and watermelon. Thank god, I used the sense I was born with and didn’t name my kids after them”.—Agencies


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