UK Ambassadors Partnership appoints Javed Malik



The prominent UK based Ambassador Partnership has designated former Ambassador of Pakistan Javed Malik as their Regional Director for Middle East and South Asian region. The influential international network of 50 former Ambassadors representing United Kingdom, Europe, the Americas and other countries that have served in over 100 countries as well as the United Nations.

Prominent personalities that are part of the Ambassadors Partnership UK include Sir Stuart Eldon OBE, Sir Richard Stagg KCMG, Amb. Peter Collecott CMG, Sir Steven Brown KCVO, Sir William Patty KCMG, Richard Schiffer Co-Chairman, Amb. James Watt CVO, Sir David Warren KCMG, Amb. Jules Chappell OBE, Amb. Nestor Osorio, Sir Richard Gozny, Amb.

Peter Jenkins CMG, as well as Sir Stephan Brown who also served as the Chief Executive of the UK Trade and Investment [ Full list can be seen on website :].

As a distinguished global network, the Ambassador Partnership has unparalleled access to key decision makers globally and advises and assists both the private and the government sector in effective Corporate & Economic Diplomacy. “ The Ambassador Partnership regards the Middle East and South Asia as an important region and we are keen to see how we can assist in promoting regional economic cooperation and corporate diplomacy, dispute resolution and reputation management as well as impact diplomatic and leadership training. We pleased to have Ambassador Javed Malik as our regional director who has worked and has a strong network in the region” explained Ambassador James Watt who was the British Ambassador to Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan and was also a diplomat with the British Embassy in Islamabad.

The Regional Director ME and South Asia, Javed Malik is a distinguished personality in the region being the President of the Diplomatic Business Club Dubai. He also served as Pakistan’s Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain, in addition to being Pakistan’s Ambassador at Large for Overseas Pakistanis and Special Envoy in for Investment & Trade based in the Gulf region. He has organized and spoken at various international forums on Trade & Economic diplomacy and Digital transformation in London, Dubai, Pakistan and other countries.

While thanking the Ambassador Partnership, the Regional Director for the Middle East and South Asia Ambassador Javed Malik said that “I am honoured to represent the prestigious Ambassador Partnership with so many illustrious and eminent diplomats, Ambassadors, and government officials on its board.—PR


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