Two Zoo employees test positive for Covid-19

Staff Reporter

The Lahore Zoo has become another place of Covid-19 spread in the city after two of its employees have tested positive for the infection, on Saturday.

Despite increasing numbers of Covid-19 in Lahore city and the closure of amusement parks, the Lahore Zoo, is still entertaining the visitors.

According to details, two Lahore Zoo employees, a keeper and a female intern, have tested positive for Covid-19.

Rampant violations of the Covid-19 SOPs could also be witnessed from the visitors, with some of them totally neglecting the facemasks and other guidelines, raising concerns of it becoming a hotspot for the virus.

On February 11, all animals at Lahore Zoo were tested for Covid-19 after two white tiger cubs were suspected to have died from the novel coronavirus on February 4.

Zoo director Shafqat Ali said all the animals were screened for Covid-19, none of them was found to be afflicted with the virus. He said the cubs were suspected to have died from the deadly disease.

He said six zookeepers have already tested positive for the coronavirus.
The post-mortem report of two white tiger cubs suggested that they might have contracted the novel coronavirus which led to their death.

Signs of swelling were found on their intestines while one of their lungs also got squeezed due to the infection and the other was filled with water, it said.

“Signs of blood clots were also found on the hearts of the cubs, showing symptoms of hemorrhage,” the post-mortem report said adding that the cubs also had difficulty in breathing before their death.