Two nation system prevailing in country: Haleem



Sindh opposition leader Haleem Adil Sheikh has said in his statement that the real two-nation system is currently prevailing in the country, those who are paying taxes are being given inflation, which is the elite class few. The occupiers are tax evaders, they are returning to the country, they have been given the rule of the country, foreign trips, traveling on ships, living a lifestyle like kings, they don’t care, they are giving an example of frugality to the people.

he said that after the arrival of the imported government, the inflation has come to a storm, the people are being deprived of two-time bread, all the thieves and robbers have joined the imported government to make the country bankrupt.

Haleem Adil Sheikh said that at present 90% of the people are demanding new elections, but the opinion of the people is being suppressed here. The financial crisis in the country has intensified. In Sindh, flour is being sold at 130 to 140 rupees per kg. The rehabilitation work of the flood victims has not yet started. The incompetent Sindh government has not adopted an effective strategy for the rehabilitation of the flood victims. Also, in many areas of Sindh, the flood victims are forced to live in tents on the sides of the roads. Sindh government has made the people cry for the restoration of their houses, there is no planning and no transparency.

Haleem Adil Sheikh said that corruption is being done on a large scale at the government level even in the matter of seeds and fertilizers for the flood victims in Sindh. Even in the name of relief to the people, people of the Sindh government are engaged in corruption.