Two held for involvement in 100 street crime cases



The Sindh Rangers in collaboration with the police arrested two men allegedly involved in over 100 cases of street crime and robberies in Karachi.

Seven members of two interprovincial gangs of street criminals and robbers were also arrested in different police raids.

The Rangers spokesman said that an intelligence-based joint raid was conducted in Liaquatabad, where two suspects, Hamza and Shahzaib, were arrested with two pistols, 25 mobile phones and two stolen motorbikes.

The spokesman said the suspects admitted to being involved in over 100 street crime and robbery cases in different parts of the city, adding that they were professional robbers who had been arrested and jailed several times.

He said raids are being conducted to arrest their accomplices.Gangs bustedThe Bilal Colony and Samanabad police arrested seven members of two interprovincial gangs of street criminals and robbers.

Police said the suspects were habitual criminals and had been jailed many times.The Bilal Colony police arrested the leader of an interprovincial gang of dacoits, along with four of his accomplices. Police said the suspects were wanted by the police for dozens of incidents in Karachi, rural Sindh, Balochistan and Punjab.

Police said they arrested Riaz (aliases Sindhu and Raju), Hammad (alias Hamza), Badru Shikarpuri, Arbaz and Ayub Painter with the help of CCTV camera footage.

Officials said the suspects were involved in robbing a man of Rs300,000 and shooting him in the Bilal Colony police jurisdiction. They were also involved in snatching Rs100,000 from a man in the New Karachi Industrial Area police jurisdiction, added the officials.

Police said the suspects admitted to snatching three mobile phones, cash and other valuables at gunpoint from the Ajmair Nagri police jurisdiction. Officials said Riaz and Shikarpur were involved in various robbery and murder cases.

The two also used to sell the looted mobile phones at low prices in Balochistan’s Hub city and Sakran town, from where the phones were sold in Khuzdar and Chaman cities, and Afghanistan, added the officials.

Police said the suspects used to arrive in Karachi from Shikarpur to commit crimes, then they went back to Shikarpur, adding that the gang did not hesitate opening fire during robberies.

Officials said weapons used in their crimes, cash and looted mobile phones were seized from the suspects, adding that raids were being conducted to arrest other members of the gang.

In Samanabad, two suspects, Allah Wasaya (alias Vasu) and Bilal, were arrested during an action against street criminals with the help of secret information and CCTV camera footage. Police said weapons and stolen mobile phones were seized from them, and a rickshaw was also impounded.Officials said the suspects were members of an interprovincial