Two arrested for torturing youngster


Police on Saturday arrested two suspects allegedly involved in torturing a youngster after the video of the incident went viral on social media.

The police said that they have arrested two suspects who badly tortured a youngster on August 17 after blaming him for being a thief.The incident was reported on Friday after the gruesome video of the torture was shared on social media platforms.

According to the details, locals from the Shah Latif Town in Malir area of Karachi set their own court and tortured a man named Gulzar after he was accused of a robbery. The man was tied to a tree trunk and brutally tortured.

Police officials have said that the locals do not apprise the police regarding the matter and the suspect is currently under treatment at a local hospital. The man can be seen dragged in the area and pushed underwater as well by armed men.

The man was accused of stealing some steel rods. The incident took place three days back.

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