Twitter roasts Israel over brutalities against Palestinians


At least 24 Palestinian civilians, including nine children, were killed in massive bombardment by Israeli fighter jets in Gaza.

The fresh attack comes after Israeli riot police assaulted Palestinian worshipers on the last Friday of Ramadan, the Muslim holy fasting month, in the city’s worst unrest since 2017.

Hundreds of Palestinians have been severely injured in an attack on Al-Aqsa mosque, using stun grenades and rubber bullets.

Besides the international community demanding de-escalation in the region, social media users are hitting out at Israel for his inhumane act.

A user wrote: Shame on Israel and those who support them on their ethnic cleansing mission.

Another user shared a video of a kid crying for his father who was killed by Israeli forces.

A user wrote: “Oh God save Palestine and its people, God bless them And save Al-Aqsa”.

Nawaz Sharif wrote: “The world has been criminally negligent to the plight of Palestinians for too long. Israel targeting children & unarmed civilians is terrorism at its worst”.

An angry Twitter user said, “We have failed as humans”.

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