TV anchor beaten by unknown assailants


A media employee, Ahmad Baseer Ahmadi claims that he was beaten by a number of armed men in PD 9 of Kabul city.

Ahmadi works as an anchor for Ayna TV channel. Ahmadi was on his way home when he was attacked by armed individuals. “They hit me on my head with a pistol,” he said. “The journalists and media workers are really at risk. Those who said that the journalists are safe, are the ones who left the country and live outside of Afghanistan,” Ahmadi added.

“The opened fire. One bullet hit the wall and another hit the ground. They hit him on the head with a pistol and broke his teeth,” said Mohammad Nadir, a witness.

Journalists called on the Islamic Emirate to initiate a serious investigation into cases of violence against journalists.

“The journalists have recently faced persecution. We hope the media watchdogs and Islamic Emirate probe the cases,” said Farkhunda Mihbi, a journalist.NAI- a group supporting open media in Afghanistan, said that cases of violence against journalists have recently been surged and the perpetrators have yet to be held accountable.

“We ask the Islamic Emirate to probe the cases so the people will know if it was committed by the people active under the Islamic Emirate officials or by the individuals who abuse the title of the Islamic Emirate,” said Naseer Ahmad Noori, an official at NAI.

More than 30 cases of violence were recorded in the past three months. —AFP

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