Turkish envoy wants to see enhanced trade ties


The Consul General of Turkey, H.E Cemal Sangu, during his visit to SITE Association of Industry, said that the history of Pakistan Turkey relations dates back to centuries and we should be proud of this.

The two countries have great leaders. There is potential to increase trade between the two countries for which joint ventures are needed.

Exchanging views at a meeting held at SITE Association of Industry for a meeting, Turkish Consul General said that we need to unite our strength and experience about defense, tourism, education, agriculture, textile, food security etc. There are some areas where Turkey has an edge and vice versa. We want to bring our expertise & latest technology to Pakistan.

Turkish Commercial Attache, Eyyup Yildirim, Zubair Motiwala, Patron-in-Chief of SITE Association of Industry, SVP Saud Mahmood, VP Muhammad Kamran Arbi, former president Majyd Aziz, Anwer Aziz, Chairman International Relations sub-committee, Sikandar Imran, Zafar Ahmed Shaikh, Saleem Nagaria, Abdul Kadir Bilwani, M. Farhan Ashrafi, Naveed Wahid, Muhammad Riaz Dhedhi, Khalid Riaz, Junaid-ur-Rehman and Haris Shakoor attended the meeting.

On the matter of uncultivated land as pointed out by Zubair Motiwala, Turkish Consul General remarked that it is a very important issue being a potential area. In agriculture, we are one of the self-sufficient countries. We wish to find investors and do joint ventures here.