TTP complicates scenario



AT a time when a significant segment of the society isopposing the process of dialogue with Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), the banned outfit, regrettably, complicated the overall scenario for talks by declining to extend the month-long ceasefire with the Government, accusing it of failing to honour the decisions taken earlier.

Its leadership has issued directions to its members to resume attacks claiming that neither the guarantor nor the Government has fulfilled its commitments.

Irrespective of the point of view of those who oppose the peace process, it offered an opportunity to end bloodshed and promote national unity and harmony.

The process of dialogue and engagement has paid dividends in neighbouring Afghanistan and it was widely believed that it would yield similar results in Pakistan, especially when the Afghan Taliban are persuading TTP to be responsive

The decision not to extend the ceasefire is apparently aimed at pressurizing the authorities to accept TTP’s demands but there are also possibilities that it could eventually lead to break down of the talks if something goes seriously wrong somewhere.

Confidence-building measures help create a conducive environment for the success of dialogue and there were indications that the two sides were moving in the right direction.

TTP’s accusations against the Government seem to be exaggerated as the authorities had already started releasing about one hundred militants as per understanding reached with the organization.

TTP must realize that it was not in a position to impose illegal and unconstitutional conditions as the state has to establish its writ at all costs. There can be general amnesty for all those who undertake not to pursue the path of violence but no compromise on principles.

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