Trust in PM


A parliamentary party meeting of ruling PTI and its allied
parties on Monday passed a unanimous resolution expressing complete confidence in Prime Minister Imran Khan. The resolution recognized that the historic reforms introduced by present government will prove to be a milestone in development of the country.
The resolution indeed has given an unambiguous message that the allied parties are standing at the back of the government at this critical juncture when the JUI (F) has mounted a protest march against the government in the federal capital. This support was also critical in the context that certain elements were raising questions over the allied parties as to why their members, some of which are also part of the federal cabinet, are not coming forward in defence of the government. Anyway the adoption of unanimous resolution has cleared that mist. We also appreciate the role especially being played by the PML (Q) top leadership including Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and Pervez Elahi to bring down the political temperature and break the deadlock between the government and the JUI (F). Given the political acumen of Ch Shujaat Hussain we are confident that the negotiations will soon reach some positive point with the JUI (F) Chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman who also needs to reconsider his position as demanding resignation from a democratically elected PM is contrary to democratic norms and traditions. People have elected this government for five years and it must be allowed to complete its mandated term. The people are the best judge. The way they ousted PML (N) and the PPP in the last two elections, the PTI will also meet the same fate if it also fails to fulfil the promises made with the masses during the electioneering. It is also for the government to make the parliament fully functional so that the opposition parties could raise their concerns at this supreme platform instead of the roads. Positive suggestions of the opposition regarding the relief and welfare of the masses should be given full weightage. Time warrants greater unity to meet the internal and external challenges faced by the country.

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