Troops withdrawal from Afghanistan a defeat of US: Gul


Mohammad Abdullah Gul, Chairman Tehrik Jawanan Pakistan (TJP), while talking about the withdrawal of American troop from Baghram Air Base, said that the last American flight from Baghram Air Base to Afghanistan was a moment of American defeat and disgrace.

Covering an area of 30 square miles, where three former US presidents had formed victorious Salfis with their forces, their army fled in such a way that they could not hold a simple ceremony.

He said that the world had witnessed the defeated return of the USSR troops crossing the Amu River on their way back to Moscow and the return of the defeated US troops. “Occupation by force can never last forever, it has to end one day,” he said.

He said that I f the Afghan nation had not been divided into groups and factions in 2001, other nations would not have dreamed of ruling Afghanistan.

He said that now it has become necessary for the Afghan nation to take the nails of conscience, forget all differences, and show national unity.

He further said that the United States, which thinks of ruling the world, has not left any of its allies in South Asia and the Middle East today.

More importantly, where does the arrogant United States stand today?
He said that we Muslims should unite against Jews and Hindus by putting aside our internal differences so that no other country like the United States could try to rule over Muslims in the future.—PR

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