Treasury given again to plunderer: Mehmud


Provincial Minister for Local Government Mian Mehmoodul-Rashid has said in a statement on Saturday that the only solution to the current chaos in the country was to hold immediate and transparent elections. If delayed, the imported government addicted to looting would turn Pakistan into Sri Lanka. He said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf got the national treasure that was made empty by Ishaq Dar, but regretfully, the country’s exchequer was handed over to the same plunderer despite having cases of corruption.

He said that the common citizen was looking towards Imran Khan due to the way the convicts and fugitives were grabbing the country’s ruling slots.

He said, “Imran Khan has now become the focus of the hopes of the poor people of this country because only he can bring the robbers and looters to account. We will revert all amendments being made by the imported government to save the big looters of the past.” Commenting on the acquittal of Mr. and Mrs. Safdar Awan, Mahmood said that the way Maryam Bibi used Calibri font and claimed, “leave Pakistan, I don’t have a property in any part of the world” has now become a proverb in the media.

None of the Sharifs had produced any money trail of Avenfield Flats till the date, yet a dignified release was possible only in Pakistan.

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