Traffic police to wear body cameras


Staff Reporter
The Karachi traffic police have decided to buy 500 body cameras for on-duty traffic police
personnel to monitor their behaviour with the public.The purchase will be funded by 15% of the money
collected from traffic tickets.These cameras will be linked to control rooms via online connections and
are expected to be purchased within three months. Another 210 cameras will be bought from the police
budget for police who conduct snap checking in the city. All the devices will be purchased for
approximately Rs110 million. The decision was made in meeting of a board responsible for the purchase
of equipment for the city police department. It functions under Karachi AIG Ghulam Nabi Memon. The
Karachi police chief believes that it will help improve the conduct of policemen, as well as the public.The
proposal is part of a larger project that includes monitoring all police stations, reporting rooms and
public dealing rooms in the future through the same technology.