Traders meet Saeed; discuss problems faced by industrial zones



Minister of Labor and Manpower Sindh Saeed Ghani was met by the officials of all site associations of Karachi in his office and congratulated Saeed Ghani on his great success in the local body elections of the PPP in Karachi. These industrialists discussed with the provincial minister the problems faced by the industrial zones and the registration of the employees there in the various factories including the CCS and Workers Welfare Board.

According to details, Provincial Minister of Labor and Manpower, Sindh Saeed Ghani, officials of Site, Kati, Site Super Highway, Nakati, Federal B Area Site Association and others met at his office on Wednesday.

In the meeting, the businessmen and industrialists congratulated Saeed Ghani on the great success of the People’s Party in the municipal elections of Karachi. Saeed Ghani thanked the businessmen and industrialists on this occasion. In the meeting, various political and business issues were discussed, while the provincial minister was informed about the problems faced by the industrialists in the industrial zones and factories, among others.

Saeed Ghani said that the first priority of the Sindh government is to provide maximum facilities to the industries. He said that the amount of damage Imran Khan has caused to the country’s economy during the previous regime is unprecedented in history. Saeed Ghani said that the Sindh government of the People’s Party has acknowledged the efforts made by the Sindh government during the last four years for the problems faced by the industrial areas, especially road infrastructure and others.

Saeed Ghani said that the province has not done as much legislation as we have done after the 18th amendment for the facilities of industrialists and their employees in the labor department. He said that the work is going on rapidly under the CCI, be it the issuance of Beneezer Mazdoor Card or the provision of health, education and other facilities to the employees.

Saeed Ghani assured the industrialists and businessmen that they will not be left alone to solve whatever problems they have, including environment, infrastructure, but a high-level meeting will soon be held with the respective ministers of all these. All these problems will be solved on priority basis.