Traders call govt’s decision of fixed tax cruel


All Pakistan City Traders Association, in their meeting held in Karachi on Monday, termed the Government’s ruling of implementation of the fixed tax on retailers as a ‘cruel’ act in current challenging economic times. They have categorically denied complying with the newly imposed tax regime and have further announced a Pakistan-level meeting against this decision of the Government of Pakistan.

Chairman All City Traders Association, Sharjeel Goplani has accused that the Government of Pakistan and the FBR are set to destroy further Pakistan’s economy, which is already in a detrimental condition these days. They have urged the Government of Pakistan to roll back its decision to implement the new taxes regime on retailers. They have further suggested that the Government of Pakistan and the FBR should take taxes from the retailers’ community based on the area and volume of business. He further demanded a meager amount between Rs 500 to Rs 2000 from non-filers.

He has further demanded that at least 40% of the total tax collected from certain locality must be spent within the same community on health, education, and employment generation initiatives. He further raised that in case the Government of Pakistan does not concede on changes announced in utility bills for the month of July, the traders will have no option but to default on their electricity bills. If the Government of Pakistan doesn’t resolve the issue sooner, a country-wide shutterdown strike will be called, and a harder stance will be taken against the Government and the Federal Board of Revenue.

It is to be reminded that K-Electric, in their recent public statement, shared details about recent changes made in the electricity tariff and taxes regime by the Government of Pakistan and NEPRA for different entities, including the retailers’ community. In case the Government, under usual pressure, decides to step back, it may have direct consequences on the revenue collection plans of the Federal Board of Revenue.

Local leaders from different trade and retail bodies, including Ahmed Shamsi, Faisal Jan Kabir, Syed Muhammad Saeed, Zahid Amin, and others, also addressed the meeting.


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