Trade centres in Gilgit remain shut


Following the tense situation in Gilgit, all business and trade centres in the city remained shut on Sunday on the order of Apex Committee. On Saturday, two people died and more than 10 others injured in a clash between two groups.

Gilgit-Baltistan Home Secretary Iqbal Hussain said that situation in Gilgit city was under control. He maintained that the disruptive elements would be arrested soon. He lamented that some people tried to portray an ordinary fight between two groups as sectarian clash.

IG police said that fool-proof security arrangements had been taken in the GB in view of Muharram-ul-Haram.

Earlier, Chief Minister Khalid Khurheed called a meeting of the Apex Committee to discuss the law and order situation after sudden violence took two lives.

Law Enforcement officials told the Apex Committee that a “scuffle in Yadgar Chowk area turned violent leading to exchange of fire”, causing two deaths and injuries.

A communique shared with the media about the Apex Committee’s meeting did not contain more details about the violent incident. Details about the injured and deceased have also not been confirmed officially.


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