Tracing the roots of Islamophobia


Dr Muhammad Khan

IT is an established fact that Muslims have been living peacefully with other religious communities of Europe and America for centuries. This peaceful co-existence mutually benefitted all the communities, paving way for an all-inclusive American and European society. These harmonized societies contributed towards four causative constructive factors in Trans-Atlantic region. One: emergence of a fearless social order where everyone contributed towards development of a shared society, enmeshing all religions and cultures with converging ethics and values. In this social bondage, followers of every religion respected other religions and opted to live under common values and moral ethics. The Americans and Europeans accepted the Muslims without any reluctance since Muslims demonstrated high standard of Islamic values; honesty, morality and mutual respect. In Islam, the concept of morality encompasses righteousness, good character, moral qualities and virtues. The principle and fundamental purpose of Islamic morality is love: love for Allah Almighty and love for Allah’s creatures irrespective of belief system. Two: the coherent social order collectively contributed towards a gradual economic growth where everyone was the beneficiary; a win-win situation for everyone living in these societies. The economic growth of Europe and America remained unprecedented in the second half of the 20th Century. Three: the rational economic order coupled with colossal economic growth contributed towards a synchronized national development in Europe and America attracting the global attention. Four: the preceding three factors ultimately created a constructive influence of Europe and America at the global level with total peace in Trans-Atlantic region. An interplay of above factors made Europe and America as model continents for rest of the world. There was an unwavering religious harmony, absolute social-connect which paved the way for the economic glory for everyone. These factors contributed towards strengthening of relationship between state and society in these continents. Without any man-made strategy, Islamic teachings and Islamic values started spreading among the masses in Europe and America with the Godspeed.
This quiet but constructive and bulk transformation was not well-received by enemies of peace, thus they came into play. The enemies of peace started exploring the loopholes in this coherent multi-religious and multi-cultural peaceful society. Many studies were conducted by the enemies of global peace to research the loopholes and fault-lines among the masses of multi-religious and multi-cultural societies for exploitation. The meticulously planned incident of 9/11 fuelled the hatred among Trans-Atlantic harmonized societies on religious basis. Immediately after the incident, the enemies of peace started attacking the Muslim populations and their properties, as if they were the mastermind of this unfortunate incident. Indeed, none among the European and American Muslims were involved in this incident. Whereas a Muslim Khalid Sheikh Mohammad was accused of masterminding this incident, the reality is quite opposite, revealed later by the westerners. Through investigative research the Western and US scholars later revealed that Israeli Government and Mossad were the real architect of 9/11. To conduct this act, Mossad chose the soil of super power and World Trade Centre to attract the global attraction. It is known to only a few people that immediately after the incident, five Israelis were arrested by US police. US journalist Paulo Lima disclosed these arrests the very next day of the incident in “The Record” the newspaper of Bergen County in New Jersey. These Israelis were seen by many on the roof of a van parked at Liberty State Park in Jersey City, “celebrating” and “jumping up and down,” and photographing themselves with the twin towers in the background. They later changed the location and photographed again. Their van was stopped by US police and arrested five Israelis who were considered part of this incident. The FBI has finalized the report which may be declassified after 2035. Some even claimed that Israeli Mossad is powerful enough to do anything anywhere in the world with vested objectives. The State of Israel achieved its political strategic objectives by implicating Muslims which was the real objective of such an event.
European Islamophobia Report-2018 shows as how the banalization of Islamophobic discourse in the European public sphere as well as the constant anti-Muslim discrimination in workplace, education and justice pave the way for violent actions against Muslims and their institutions. This is alarming not for the Muslims but for the humanity, particularly the European and American continents. The enemies of peace are using these continents and their state structures for their vested interests. The losers would be these European and Americans since there will be a constant fear instilled by Zionists by spreading Islamophobia. In order to put Middle Eastern Muslims on defensive, the masterminds of the Islamophobia used pilots for so-called 9/11 attacks from key Middle Eastern states. The current phase of US military deployment in the entire Middle East with the announcement of “Deal of the Century” the Fraudulent Middle Eastern Peace Plan is part of this Zionist Great Game for a Greater Israel. Through an engineered leadership, the rulers of Muslim states of this region have already submitted to Zionism. In the garb of Islamophobia, the Muslims are being targeted elsewhere in the world; in the concentrations of a neighbouring country, the Rohingyas in Myanmar and Indian Muslims through state sponsored terrorism. The world must realize that neither Islam nor Muslims are threat to the global peace. The nexus between Israel and India is the real threat for the international peace in the garb of Islamophobia. Islam is a religion of peace and love for the entire humanity.
— The writer is Professor of Politics and IR at International Islamic University, Islamabad.