Total eligible population in Sindh fully immunised against Covid-19


The Project Director, EPI, Sindh at Karachi, Health Department, Government of Sindh has announced that Sindh has emerged with distinction of being first province in country having  achieved the target of 34.29 Million (100pc) of eligible population aged 12 years and above as fully immunised against Covid -19 in comparison to Punjab (86%) and KPK (64%), 07.55 Million of them have also received additional booster doses of vaccine.

All became possible because of selflessness and dedication on the part of thousands of frontline healthcare workers under technical guidance of
Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) Health Department Government of Sindh with support from NCOC, Federal Ministry of Health, WHO, UNICEF
and other partner organisations.

Coronavirus pandemic is not over yet. New variants are continuously detected. People need to follow prescribed SOPs and get Covid booster dose after every five months of last jab.

Vaccine is safe and reliable source of protection against deadly infection. It is provided free of cost by government institutions.