Torkham labor union protest-camp



Nasib shah Shinwari

Demanding to re-open the Pak-Afghan border Torkham for all kind of traffic and both sides pedestrians, the protest and sit-in organized by Torkham labor union and Tanzeem-e-Nawjawana-e-Qabail was continued on second consecutive day at Landikotal bazar on Monday.

Addressing to the protest camp participants, the leaders of various political parties and trade unions criticized the authorities for closing the border and termed it injustice with the poor people living alongside the border.

Farman Shinwari, the president of Torkham laborer union said that now a days it was impossible for the poor people of Landikotal to provide a loaf of bread to their families due to Torkham border closure.

Authorities in Islamabad should reopen the Torkham border for both sides’ pedestrians.

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