TJP chief condemns Israeli bombing


Chairman Tehrik Jawanan Pakistan(TJP) Mohammad Abdullah Hamid Gul in a statement expressed sorrow over the barbaric aerial bombardment of unarmed Palestinians by Israel.

He said the fighting began with the Israeli army’s attack on the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which was condemned by Palestinian Muslims as their religious duty.

He said that instead of condemning Israeli crimes against humanity and human rights abuses, Israel’s defence of Israeli air strikes against ordinary Palestinians was a clear demonstration of the West’s anti-Semitism. Such countries do not deserve to be called human rights activists.

He said Muslims should learn from the way the West has sided with Judaism and openly supported the Israel to kill Palestinian.

He said France and Germany’s ban on protests in support of the Palestinians reflected their dead conscience.

“We must continue to support Palestinian Muslims on every platform to keep their spirits high,” he said.

Israel could not succeed in its nefarious intentions to establish an independent Palestinian state.—PR

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