Times Square lights up with ‘Free Kashmir’ signs


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New York’s iconic Times Square lit up in show of solidarity with people of Occupied Kashmir ahead of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address to the United Nations General Assembly session.
According to reports, the Pakistani community sponsored a screen advertisement to highlight the grave human rights violations being carried out by Indian security forces in the Muslim majority region.
The members of the Pakistani community also camped outside the United Nations Headquarters to raise their voice against Indian aggression in the occupied valley.
The protesters camped out in front of the United Nations raised their voice against the Indian atrocities when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the UN session.
Last week, a group of activists also protested outside the ‘Howdy, Modi’ event in Houston.
The official Twitter account of the Pakistan government on Thursday also tweeted out a picture of the Times Square lit up with signs in support of the people of occupied Kashmir, highlighting lines such as ‘Stand with Kashmir’ and ‘Free Kashmir’.
“The voice of people of Indian occupied Kashmir is once again being heard in the highest diplomatic forums. ‘Stand With Kashmir’ has been highlighted on Times Square today,” the official Twitter handle of the Pakistan government tweeted..—Agencies