Three-day annual festival at Kali Mandir starts


The three-day annual festival of the Hindu commu-nity at Kali Mata Mandir, the historical temple of Hindus located in Kalat, began with traditional reli-gious fervor on Tuesday. Hindu community from across the country reached Kalat in a large numbers to participate in the annual festival. The Hindu community also organized special prayers for the development and prosperity of the country.

Special food stalls have also been set up in the festi-val and langar is being distributed among the par-ticipants of the religious gathering. Local Leader of Hindu Community Mana Mall said that the main purpose of the festival was to bind and unite the people with love, peace, affection and brotherhood and there is a need to spread the preaching to bring a cordial atmosphere in the society.

Expressing his satisfaction over the relations of Muslims with their Hindu brothers in Pakistan, he said that other countries of the world should learn lessons from Pakistan where there is no discrimina-tion on the basis of religion and the minority people are enjoying all facilities as being availed by their Muslim brothers.—APP