Thousands attend ‘Ya Rasool Allah’ conference


The grand ‘Ya Rasool Allah’ conference’ on the occasion of the day of “Khawaja e Khawjgaan Hazrat Khawaja Habib ur Rehman Sahib Lasani Paak R.A” was held in Rakh Baloch, Mandi Bahaudin. This blessed gathering was presided over by Hazrat Pir Muhammad Naqib-ur-Rehman and special lecture was delivered by Shaykh Muhammad Hassan Haseeb-ur-Rehman.

Thousands of lovers of Rasool Allah attended this blessed Mehfil. Mufti Muhammad Amir Sahib specially attended this conference from Karachi and delivered a lecture. This conference was organized by Mureedin of Eidgah Sharif Mandi Bahaudin region.


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