This Twitter post by British envoy is slap on face of Pakistanis


We don’t even feel shame while littering on roads, tourist spots and other public places but are ready to engage in blame-game just to hold the administration responsible for all rubbish around us.

A change in a society cannot penetrate until citizens are ready to adopt positive behavioral changes to play their role along with the government.

A lack of sense of responsibility in Pakistan nationals has this time been painted by a foreign national in bad light, showing the netizens a mirror.

British Ambassador Christian Turner, who also plays role for promotion of tourism in Pakistan, just visited the Margalla Hills, a hill range which is part of the Himalayan foothills located within the Margalla Hills National Park, north of Islamabad, for morning walk.

And this time, he shared pictures of waste material scattered by people on the scenic hills. He collected two bags full of rubbish from Margalla Hills.

“He did not go harsh with Meals are for sharing not littering.  Two bags of rubbish collected on Margallas #FridayMorningWalk,” he tweeted.

Hoping for change in the behavior of public, he requested Pakistanis to help keep beautiful Islamabad clean.

He had played its part by showing us the mirror and now it’s our turn how we respond to his call that is not for the UK but for Pakistan.

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