This Pakistani village stuns world by attaining 100% literacy


Rasool Pur is a village, located in the Rajanpur district of Punjab with a population between 2,000 and 3,000.

Most of its residents are ethnic Baloch whose ancestors migrated from Pakistan’s Balochistan province to Southern Punjab.

The small village has achieved what is eluded most in developed world “100%” literacy. The United Nations defines literacy as the ability to sign one’s name. But residents of Rasoolpur hold themselves to a much higher standard as all their children finish high school.

The village has two high schools – one for the girls and other for the boys – and a primary school and there is no child out of school.

After students complete high school education, they go to Jampur city for further education.

Metan Jahaan, a principle of one of three school, told international media: “I have 300 girls in my school and there is almost the same number of students in the boys’ school. We do not believe in how the United Nations defines literacy – as the ability to sign one’s name – every person here has to finish high school, otherwise, the elders do not give them permission to participate in the society”.

Besides the 100% literacy, the villages hold another distinguish status of no-crime zone. The principle told that not a single crime case was registered at police station in past 100 years.

The village has its own local committee named Rasool Pur Development Society, which is responsible for collecting donations for the people who cannot afford education.

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