Thin attendance witnessed in offices after Eid holidays


Public and private sector organizations witnessed thin attendance of employees on Wednesday, the first working day after the Eid ul Azha holidays.

Most of the employees have opted for casual leaves for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to extend their Eid vacations till Sunday as the majority of capital residents went to their native towns to celebrate Eid with their loved ones.

Starting from Friday last, such employees would enjoy nine days break till coming Monday when work at government and semi-government organisations would start at a normal pace.

However, those who celebrated Eid in the twin cities or resided nearby returned to their respective offices today.

The government and private offices, business centres, small and large enterprises, corporations, banks, shops, medical centres and utility service centres also witnessed a low number of clients.

The government had announced the five Eid holidays.

Local transport also remained thin in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad as most of the transporters diverted their vehicles on long routes or have not resumed their service yet for spending some time with their families.


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