Thieves whisk away cop’s car from outside police station

Staff Reporter

The deterioration of law and order in the City can be gauged from the fact that the police itself is not secure from thieves as an Assistant Sub Inspector’s (ASI) car standing outside the police station has been stolen.

The incident of car lifting was occurred outside the police station of Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore on April 20 when the said police officer ASI Asghar Ali was also present inside there and police guards was deputed on the gate close to car parking area.

In a separate incident, another policeman also looted by the thieves who took his motorcycle from Chowk Yatim Khana in the limits of Nawan Kot Police Station on April 12.

Cases of both incidents of car lifting and motorbike lifting have been registered in Allama Iqbal and Nawa Kot police stations respectively.