They will vote for me anyway . . !


CAN you imagine, said the elected representative, poking a fat finger into my ribs, “the people want a new bus terminus.” “Yes,” I said, “I’ve heard about that.” “What do we need a bus terminus for,” he said, “when we have an international airport here.” “Yes,” I said again.

“Our people think very small,” he continued, “they should think big. They think of buses, I think of airplanes.” “You are a great man,” I said. “They think of hospitals,” he continued, “I think of five-star hotels.” “Your thoughts are big,” I agreed. “They want a municipal hospital,” he continued, “whereas they’ve got the biggest five star hotel in the city.” “Small people,” I said, “with small minds.” The elected representative stared at me fiercely, “I get calls from people,” he said slowly, “about garbage not being cleared every day.” “Rubbish,” I said. “Can you believe it,” he said, “they want me to think about their garbage problems, when my thoughts are on lofty projects.”

“Silly people,” I said. “Can you see that land over there,” said the representative going to the window. “Yes,” I said, “the one across the road.” “Yes,” said the representative, “I am going to build a sports complex there.” “How nice,” I said. “It will be the best in the country,” he said proudly, “and all the people can come and jog and run and walk and exercise every day, what a healthy suburb it will be,” he continued.

“Who needs hospitals,” I said. “Or bus terminuses,” said the representative, “but do you know something, people have limited vision. They cannot see the sports complex across the road.” “Then what do they see?” I asked. “The potholes in the road,” he exclaimed angrily. “Small minded people,” I said.

“All they talk of is the holes in the road, and the cracks on the footpath, when just beyond lies a dream coming true, can’t they look beyond?” asked the representative sadly. “They have limited vision,” I said humbly, nodding at his wisdom. “But they are a lucky people,” cried the great man coming back to his seat. “Why,” I asked with bated breath.

“Because, I am not upset or disturbed by the complaints of these people, you know why?” “No!” I said. “Because the people will vote for me whether I deliver or not deliver; all they are interested in, is which god I worship, and if I will thrash those who worship other gods! Which means I can do what I want!” “You are a great man, a clever man!” I said, “how lucky we people are..!”