Theory of Corona transmission by 5G Radio waves tech


Prof Anees Akhtar

THIS is a scientific fact that the whole universe and cosmos vibrate and communicate with each other at subatomic level through electromagnetic and different level of radio waves. The big fact behind universal communication is that this universe is unielectronfrom its origin. This means it was only a single electron or photon from which the whole universe has been designed into its structure of cosmos and galaxies, even living and all non-living matter. According to spiritual school of thoughts, this electron had programmed intelligence from its origin. Since then it is jumping from its higher state of energy into lower state, and vice versa, where it forms different types of bonds with lower and higher energy states. Thus, it forms different states of matter like gas, liquid and solid etc. As a result, our material universe is getting its fabric of different states of matter which has been designed into living and non-living matter, cosmos, stars and galaxies.
Due to its unielectron nature, the whole universe also communicates and talks with each other through electromagnetic and radio waves. In quantum physics this phenomenon of quantum entanglement is popularly known by spooky action at a distance. On the basis of this universal wide-spread communication mechanism, humans, animals, plants and microbes’ cells also communicate with each other through cell signalling and quorum sensing. As a matter of fact, microbial colonies and communities communicate and talk to each other like other universal communication phenomenon in nature. It is possible that microbes could use other radio waves to send their signals to other communities and colonies at a distance. A similar idea was published in 2009 by French Nobel Laureates virologist Luc Montagnier. According to him, this electromagnetic signalling between different bacterial and viral communities is connected by nanowires. This wireless broadcast among bacterial and viral communities can be of both AM and FM types. According to Montagnier, organisms have been communicating using radio waves for billions of years. This seems to shake entirely mainstream science of microbiology and biophysics. This wireless communication would expand and advance the science of telepathy and clairvoyance in future.
Other possible advancement by this bacterial and viral communication could be using bacteria and viruses to find out about life elsewhere in the universe by communicating with bacteria and viruses via radio waves. But common world view about the current scenario of Corona virus infection and transmission of viruses by 5G radio waves Technology has been rejected by governments and communities because Coronavirus is also affecting countries where there is no 5G. There are already existing networks from previous generations of wireless technology where mobile data is transmitted through radio waves of 4G, 3G, 2G. Now mobile data is transmitted globally through 5G radio waves technology.
In our daily life, we use other technologies which have radio waves including TV, radio, radar, satellite communications, etc. According to experts, these radio waves are found at low frequency and this means that these waves cannot damage the DNA inside cells. On the other hand, radio waves with high frequencies, such as X-rays, gamma rays and ultraviolet rays are thought to be carcinogenic or ionizing radiation. For the purpose of improving speed and capacity of our wireless technology, 5G uses a higher frequency of radio waves compared to its older generations of 4G, 3G, and 2G. According to the safety limits set by international guidelines, the frequency of this new wireless technology is still very low because the level of radiation from 5G is far below the level of electromagnetic radiations thought to damage the cells in human body.
So international safety limits guidelines rejected the claims that 5G radiation suppresses the immune system which could help the viruses to spread. This guideline also rejected the theory that viruses talk to each other when making decisions about infecting hosts. According to the guidelines, this hypothesis is disputed on the basis that it refers to bacteria and not viruses like the new Coronavirus. The guideline reports that viruses spread from person to person through small droplets by sneezing, coughing or exhalation. Its droplets can live on surfaces for hours which means that this virus can be transmitted without direct contact with someone who is infected. There is also some evidence that viruses may also transmit in the air.
Resilience against global pandemic of Coronavirus: Due to this global pandemic of Coronavirus infection, our environment, body cellular systems and generally as a whole, our souls and minds on this planet have come down to low level of mental vibrations due to fear of the globally prevailing Coronavirus pandemic. So, it is time to think about global unity and harmony against this pandemic and fear caused by this viral infection. We should think of raising our mental vibrations and spiritual dimensions to a level where this fear, illness, disappointment and failure could not attack our cellular system and soul. The best strategies we could apply to create a global attitude of positive thoughts and thinking is to:
1. Make a habit of warm gratitude with each other. 2. We could raise the voice of Azans, Kawali, Sofiana Kalam, Naats and Salato Salam. 3. We can effectively feed and nurture our souls to a higher level of spiritual dimensions by listening to high beat music and also by playing musical instruments. According to string theory, all these mental and spiritual voices and kalams are very effective to raise our mental and spiritual vibrations and dimensions to level where our planet is vibrating harmoniously with other cosmos and universes. 4. We could also raise our mental vibrations and spiritual dimensions by acquiring most effective knowledge of high dimensional physics, philosophies and spirituality.
During this global lock down system and self-isolation, it is the best opportunity to nurture our hearts and souls. We should carefully go deep into the essence of creations of great morals of spirituality and religion. Even our great architectures of societies and technologies, including scientists, artistes, poets and writers, saints and Sufis, they all have created, invented and produced their wisdom in self isolation, meditation, atkaafs and chelas. All of the above strategies contain in themselves higher frequencies of energies like electromagnetic, other radio waves frequencies which could effectively intercept with replicating and transmitting weak single stranded RNA Protein of Coronaviruses and other contagious viruses.
— The writer is freelance columnist, based in UK.