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Zaheer Bhatti

THAT at long last Pakistan rather than merely marking time with customary lip-service expressing moral, diplomatic and political support and solidarity with the subjugated and tyranny-inflicted people of Indian-occupied State of Jammu & Kashmir, has decided to be proactive and to move world conscience against the unfinished agenda of Independence endorsed by standing UN Resolutions for a plebiscite in accordance with the wishes of the subjects of the State. Exemplified by the people of Pakistan in and outside Parliament, countrywide seminars spearheaded by one at Pakistan’s Presidency, in Azad Kashmir, rallies and symbolic human chains across the country besides protests in European capitals and the US, bore testimony to realization of the issue. Contrary to the Indian occupation of Kashmir, it was the Kashmiri narrative which occupies India today and engaging rest of world.
Extricating itself from the Musharraf formula; a 180 degree u-turn of the Supreme Commando from his ‘free-Kashmir’ Kargil misadventure to a near-capitulating out of the box status-quo formula on the core issue bedeviling relations between two nuclear-armed neighbours, Pakistan has rightly resumed on the right trajectory by highlighting gross human rights violations in the territory by Indian occupation forces precipitated by extra-judicial and targeted killings, using them as human shield and rape as a weapon, pellet gun spraying on unarmed innocent men, women and children, which in the Social Media age is all getting documented and transmitted world over, with neither Indian officialdom nor its mouthpiece media having control any longer.
Well researched accounts by independent international political analysts, have in the process rubbished the age-old Indian strategy of crying wolf and diverting world attention from its self-staged tyranny and false-flag operations alleging terrorism from Pakistan. Refusing to discuss the chronic issue under the Simla Agreement which having lost even its moral validity must now be scrapped, one felt sorry the other day for the ignorance of an Indian Army General over a Pakistani TV channel heard saying that the UN mandated plebiscite could not be held because Pakistani Forces were to vacate from their side of Kashmir and plebiscite was to be conducted under supervision of the Indian Army; whereas the UN declaration logically requires plebiscite under its own supervision with both sides vacating their forces from the territory. Notwithstanding the freedom struggle of Kashmiris since 1931, India annexed the territory against the laid down British Partition Plan on the principle of majority Muslim areas acceding to Pakistan. Whoever advised the Indian Prime Minister to risk his credentials by visiting occupied Kashmir last week where complete lock-down and protests greeted him, he ended up providing further evidence of the brave Kashmiris freedom movement and their growing hatred for India, also signifying the infructuous nature of Indian attempts to change the demography of the State following Israeli footsteps in Palestine and the Gaza Strip.
Pakistan Government’s bold initiative to call audience of the All Parties British Parliamentarians Group in the House of Commons and obtaining a unanimous Resolution over human rights violations in Indian-occupied Kashmir in commemorating the Kashmir Day, and the official British refusal in response to Indian External Affairs Ministry requesting cancellation of the moot being held by Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, saying that British Parliamentarians were independent of the Government and were free to meet anyone anywhere over any issue. This in essence is reflection of the true Parliamentary democracy a leaf out of which Pakistan must take if that was the form of Govt it wished truly practiced in country.
Pakistan while drawing comfort from the British position must not suffice but move on over Indian atrocities against the indomitable struggle of Kashmiris and strongly assert its own right as one of the three major parties to the conflict, urging the United Nations to correct the gross human error and redeem its sinking image among the comity of oppressed nations of the world. That would be the real way forward.
Pakistan is reportedly fully prepared on the ICJ hearing this month of the Kalbhoshan Yadev case; the active Indian Naval officer netted red-handed in Balochistan who has confessed running a network in Pakistan under a fake Muslim identity being an Indian high profile agent assigned to operate and destabilize Balochistan and Sindh Provinces in Pakistan in a bid to diverting world focus on Kashmir and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor badly hurting India which it has avowed to frustrate. Following startling revelations during his extensive trial helping bust a number of his future operations, Kalbhoshan was handed down death penalty.
Despite having performed the humane duty of a dignified meeting of the condemned man with his family in which the Indian side despite coercing them did not succeed in getting the family to make any statements of maltreatment by Pakistani authorities, Pakistan has stayed execution and opted to face the ICJ which the Indian Government had the cheek to move on technicalities; initially having disclaimed its confessing criminal as its subject who had caused extensive death and destruction, and which in the first place the ICJ should have refused to entertain in favour of such operating agent of an enemy country having been caught red-handed in its territory (not a prisoner of war), who had been awarded capital punishment. Pakistan ought to have outrightly rejected jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice which had no locus standi over matters devolving upon the internal law of the land of sovereign States. But knowing that several such interjections by the ICJ and their rulings in the past have been rejected by countries including the United States, one only hopes that the Pakistani Government is merely complying so as to prove to the world that it had no skeletons in its cupboard to hide, and that it would soon after this hearing, declare to the forum that having fulfilled all its moral and legal obligations it was now free to carry out the hanging. That would be the way forward.
—The writer is a media professional, member of Pioneering team of PTV and a veteran ex Director Programmes.

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