The same powerful you..!


A friend of mine, a big businessman, came to me at a party, “Bob,” he said, “Will you teach me how to speak in public?” “Sure!” I said. “I am a multi-millionaire,” he said, “I make the toughest deals, but when I stand in front of an audience, I am tongue tied!”

“Emotovise!” I told him. “What?” asked my friend, “There’s no such word in the English language!” “This is a word that you are going to learn like no other word,” I said, “Emotovise! I want you to write down the most successful deal you made in your life. The company from whom you got the order and the money you made. Write it down.”

I watched as my millionaire friend wrote it down. “Now,” I told him, “Emotovise the whole deal! I want you to go through every single emotion, your joy, your victory, your elation when you realized you had got the deal!” I watched my friend, I saw his face slowly light up, his shoulders broaden, and his eyes glisten and I knew that his emotivisation was at work.

“How do you feel?” I asked. “Fantastic!” he said. “Now stand in front of me.” He stood. “Read this aloud,” I said, “As if you are speaking to an audience.” He did and there was steel in his voice and a new confidence.

“How did that happen?” he asked. “Last month,” I told him, “I had, had a very successful day as a speaker, in fact, I had bowled over the audience, and when I came home the boys in my colony pulled me out for a game of cricket. I hit a quarter century against some very fast bowlers!”

“So?” asked my friend. “I realized that it was the confidence I’d had during the day, the joy and the great satisfaction of the day, that had helped me whack a few fours. I surprised myself with my game, till I realized that the same fellow behind the mike held the bat!” “So emotivise means to feel the same emotions you feel when you achieve something great and use it when you feel weak?”

I grinned at him, “It worked for me,” I said. Yes try it out. When was the last time you felt elated over some success? Feel the emotion, every bit of it, experience the uplifting of your spirit, then go about and do the task you are afraid of. Remember, it’s the same powerful you..!

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