The recent surge in technological advancements of women’s activewear

Saad Imtiaz

In the rapidly developing fashion world, preferences and dressing styles significantly influenceone’s appearance and attire.

Something as simple as a pair of women’s Ultraboosts carriestremendous significance and background in today’s society.

Apart from fast fashion, another fast-growing fashion trend is activewear, especially among women. Activewear is casual andcomfortable clothing that makes exercising and working out more accessible and enjoyable.

However, it has also become a part of everyday wear, with people preferring to wear theirworkout clothes to public places and other casual events.

The recent upsurge in obesity anddietary problems has also caused a significant growth in the number of people working outearnestly to maintain their body’s fitness. This calls for an increase in the use of activewear.

Importance and benefits of choosing the correct activewear

In any form of exercise or sports, whether you are lifting, swimming, or running, the correct gearcan even help to enhance your performance and technique. One such form of activewear iscompression gear.

Generally appearing as sleeves, socks or leggings, compression gearcompresses parts of your body while you work out. The compression improves your performanceby escalating blood flow to and fro your limbs, thus keeping your muscles oxygenated.

When we work out, we produce sweat which is our body’s way of cooling down. However, after a thorough workout, we usually find ourselves drenched in sweat, leading to body odour.

Using moisture-wicking activewear can help solve this: Moisture-wicking materials are specificallydesigned to tackle sweat issues: By drawing work to the surface, the sweat evaporates faster and leaves a cooling effect on your body.

These materials are usually light, breathable, and dry quickly. Thus, preventing you from being damp, heavy, or uncomfortable during and afterexercise.

Comfortable sportswear is essential: a recent study found that women who are not satisfied withwhat they wear to the gym are less likely to involve themselves in strenuous physical activities,hindering growth. It is, therefore, essential that one feels good in their sportswear.

Activewear is essential because it provides a range of motion. Wearing skinny jeans during aworkout is questionable since they are not breathable and would restrict your movements is theexact thing that would happen if you choose proper workout clothes. Always choose workoutgear that allows you to be flexible and provide a range of motion.

Growth and diversity of activewear

Activewear has become a significant part of people’s lives, and they must buy proper andadequate gear. In recent times more and more markets for activewear have sprung up, especiallyfor women.

A major brand of women’s activewear is Lululemon: From yoga to running to training,Lululemon provides leggings, pants, and other activewear products in varying lengths and sizes.

It also supplies sports bras that offer the perfect support. Paired with excellent customer serviceLululemon is the ideal activewear brand. Lululemon excels in producing yoga pants and has itstrademark product — Groove Pant, which it calls the holy grail of yoga pants.

The material is moisture-wicking and allows for a “four-way stretch.” In addition to form and function,Lululemon’s pants are also renowned for their appearance and have become a fashionable itemfor some. Unlike sweats and other workout clothes, women often wear Lululemon gear in casualsettings.

Another activewear brand is Adidas by Stella Mccartney; Combining one of our favouritedesigners with one of the most significant sportswear labels, the range provides high-qualityfabrics and styles in undeniably fashionable designs.

Floral prints, bold colours, and almostfuturistic fitness designs make Adidas by Stella McCartney a perfect addition to your wardroberotation.

Celebrities also use their influence to create activewear brands that promote fitness andmaintain body shape. One such brand is Fabletics: The creation of American actress KateHudson.

In this world where ease of purchase often matters more than the price of the product,Fabletics came up with the fastest solution: After taking a pop quiz about your style preferencesand sizes, you’ll be able to view a range of Fabletics gear which has been curated to suit yourneeds. This makes finding the right product for your workout child’s play.

Technological and environmental friendly advances

Combining technology and activewear is a recent innovation brought together by Spiritus:Spiritus Performance apparel is created to be sleek and fashionable while performing at a level above the rest.

The high-tech fabric combines infrared technology powered by Celliant with silver technology powered by XT2.

Infrared light boosts performance by promoting blood circulation, increasing tissue oxygen levels, and regulating body temperature. The silver is also designed to keep odours at bay after a rigorous workout.

The silver keeps bacteria from spreading over the fabric and keeps it fresh and safe from unpleasant odours.

The material can also dry faster than standard polyester, thus proving that picking the right activewear is vital for your body.

In light of recent global issues such as climate change, many activewear brands have begunproducing environmentally-friendly workout gear.

Along with this, many brands offer theirproducts in reusable and recyclable packaging, thus attempting to reduce their carbon footprint.

Many brands also claim flexible working hours for their staff in the industries, and many havealso campaigned against child labour and the promotion of fair trade cotton.

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