The Punjab Govt’s miracles during three years


Ever since coming into the power in August, 2018, the PTI-led government was embroiled into series of crises like huge circular debts, repayment of foreign loans in billions, energy crisis and lack of good governance etc. The country was about to collapse due to misdeeds of the PML-N regime.

The PTI government selected a team of experts and professionals in their fields who burnt the midnight oil to drive the country out of this crisis and put it towards highway to success.

Sardar Usman Buzdar, Chief Executive of the Punjab seems to have fingers on the pulse of the province as he spelled out his vision of investing and focusing more on social sectors and service delivery instead of indulging in projects that merely serve the optics.

He followed the footsteps of Prime Minister Imran Khan and evolved the dynamic planning with the help of his professional squad in a bid to lead the province to rightful direction and had initiated scores of development projects across Punjab. In view of the immense population and their problems, new development projects were inevitable.

The establishment of universities and hospitals topped the agenda of the CM that would help serve the people in real terms.

The government is following the policy of delivering service, providing equal opportunities for development and prosperity for all while ensuring merit and transparency in every matter.

The government invested a lot and was focusing on ensuring law and order to offer a peaceful life to its citizens and tourists visiting various sites across the province.

All the administrative departments have been fully activated, new policies and reforms have been introduced that would surely yield positive results in the next to years.

The people will get a definite relief and the government will come up to the expectations as the PTI has strong commitment to fulfilling its manifesto, believes the chief minister.

The government has focused the underprivileged areas to bring them at par with the privileged ones.

South Punjab was considered highly and funds of billions of rupees were utilized in the backward areas so as to remove sense of deprivation among the public. Nevertheless, development of big cities remains high priority of the present government.

Sardar Usman Buzdar announced a number of mega development projects for Lahorites to remind them that he did never forget them and they remained in his heart.

The CM envisions that politics is the name of service and public service is rendered in best way through their development.

So, the Buzdar government while keeping in view the problems facing Lahorites since long, started scores of mega initiatives which would transform this city into the developed provincial metropolis very soon after its completion.

Being largest metropolitan city of the province, Lahore has around population of 12 million, known for historical sites and cultural heritage.

The vision of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government is very clear to solve their problems which needs uplifting of backward or neglected areas of the city at par with other always focused areas

. The government believes that problem identification requires just critical thinking, but solving a problem requires creative thinking.

The traffic problem in Lahore is intensifying due to which traffic jams have become a norm on all major roads – all the citizens living in Lahore are well aware of the problem and do nothing except endurance.

To ensure smooth flow of traffic in Lahore, underpasses and flyovers are being constructed at Shahkam Chowk and Karim Block Market Chowk, while underpasses will be constructed at Ferozepur Road near Gulab Devi Hospital and at Samandabad Road.

Similarly, an overhead bridge being constructed from Lahore Railway Station to Sheranwala Gate will soon be completed to ensure smooth flow of traffic in the inner city. The project will cost a total of Rs.4.5 billion, providing an immense convenience to the residents of Lahore.

Another milestone project is that modern bus terminal of international standard would be set up in Thokar Niaz Beg on 100 kanal land.

This project would cost Rs.3 billion. In the first phase, electric buses will be run in Lahore. In this regard, Lahore Transport Company will purchase 50 electric buses through international bidding and it will be run on different routes in Lahore.

The operation of these buses does not involve any subsidy and these eco-friendly buses will not pollute the air of the city.

Gulberg’s Main Boulevard is a major commercial center in central Lahore. Numerous shopping malls and plazas, including Firdous Market, Liberty, Hafeez Center, Siddique Center, stand tall on this wide road.

Apart from Lahore, people from many cities turn to these big markets on the same road. The traffic pressure near Firdous Market has increased significantly.

That is why the Firdous Market Underpass project was planned on the special instructions of Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar. Inaugurating the Firdous Market Underpass on 26th November, 2020, the CM declared a gift to the people of Lahore by the PTI-led government.

About 100,000 vehicles are benefiting from the construction of the underpass and millions of passengers are getting easy travel.

With the completion of this project, the flow of traffic from Center Point Gulberg to MM Alam Road and Cavalry Ground has increased. Special arrangements have been made for drainage of rain water in 540-metre long two-lane underpass project.

About 7 kanals of land has been acquired for Firdous Market Underpass but it is noteworthy that no commercial building in Firdous Market Chowk has been affected.

Chief Minister Usman Bazdar said that the total cost of Firdous Market Underpass was Rs.1.76 billion, including land acquisition. The construction cost of Firdous Market Underpass project was estimated at Rs 1.09 billion.

Through transparent tendering, a significant amount of Rs. 130million were saved in the construction cost. The completion period of underpass was fixed at 4 months but LDA executed the project in 3 months.

Now come to specialized health care for citizens, it may be that due to the lack of specialized hospitals in backward and remote areas, especially in South Punjab, patients suffering from serious diseases have to turn to Lahore.

Health facilities in backward areas are being improved and innovated but at the same time attention is being paid to build new hospitals in Lahore.

No attention was paid to public health issues in the past. A 1,000-bed general hospital is being built on Ferozepur Road – 600 general beds, 200-bed cardiology and 200-bed blood diseases. The hospital will be built on 124 kanals of LDA land near Arfa Karim Information Technology Tower.

The construction of the hospital will cost Rs.9 billion. Work on Mother and Child Care Hospital is also underway at Gang Ram Hospital and this project will be completed at a cost of Rs. 4 billion. Similarly, Children’s Hospital has been given the status of University of Child Health Sciences and Rs.4 billion for the establishment of Child University.

A special radiology department having 225 beds and costing Rs.2032billion has been set up in the Services Hospital and 95pc work of the project has been completed.

A new local government system has been set up in Punjab. The Punjab government is expeditiously completing the process on legislation and other issues.

The success of the new local government system will be called into question without the training and awareness of public representatives and local government officials.

Therefore, the chief minister took a timely decision and laid the foundation stone of the new building of the Punjab Local Government Academy in Johar Town.

Sardar Usman Bazdar also launched the website of Punjab Intermediate Cities Improvement Investment Program.

Excavation was started in the presence of CM and construction of the project was formally started.

The first local government academy will be built in Johar Town under the Intermediate Cities Improvement Investment Program with financial support from the Asian Development Bank.

The Punjab Local Government Academy would be completed in 18 months at a cost of Rs 1.86 billion. The modern building will consist of 2 basements and 6 floors.

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