The God particle . . !


MANY years ago, I sat in an apart ment in New York listening to an interesting argument between an elderly man and a doctor, who had been a childhood friend of mine.

They were talking about religion and the topic veered around the existence of God. Both gave seemingly convincing arguments on what they believed in. The elderly man did not believe in God, the doctor did.

Suddenly the doctor told me to stand. “Look at Bob,” said the doctor. “He has a heart that pumps blood to the different parts of his body, lungs that breathe in air, and brains that help him think and function!”

“When I operate on a patient, I see millions of intricate parts inside, all running here and there for a definite purpose.

They have been arranged systematically, work with definite precision, and do not except after an illness or accident interfere with each other.”

“Sir down Bob,” he said then looked at the elderly gentleman, “Nothing in the world will ever allow me to accept that this infinite order, this beautiful design that is the human body was created by anything other than God. Never, can I believe that it came about by chance!” I remember that argument.

I remember the stunned silence of the others in the room, and I know that they went back convinced the doctor was talking sense.

Today when I hear about scientists spending years of their lives trying to disprove the existence of God, I feel like laughing, because I can see a God above wondering how on earth these people ever thought they were created.

The fact that you and I can appreciate music, produce great melodies, can understand art, paint wonderful paintings came about, not through evolution, or a god particle but through creation.

Leave the best trained and most intelligent dog in an art gallery, and he will wander through it, sniff the paintings and run away, without appreciating the beauty of the old masters, and we spend our whole lives trying to prove we evolved from that animal?
I would compare it to a inventor who has built the most efficient and best looking motor car in the world.

He brings it for an exhibition, and finds a group of silly looking fellows wandering round it, digging under it, and poking it, “What are you doing?” he asks.

“We are wondering how this evolved?” “I made it!” says the inventor proudly. “I made you!” says God proudly.

“I made each one of you different, so that even if there are six billion of you, no two of you look, think or act alike!” And yet we try to prove we came from monkeys..!

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