The defeat of Hindutva and glorification of Islam


Malik Muhammad Aslam Awan

On 9th November the world witnessed the manifestation of two extremes. On the same day the PM Pakistan Imran Khan inaugurated the Kartarpur corridor for the 14 Crore Sikhs of the world, to make their religious rituals more convenient than ever. Kartarpur is the place where Guru Nanak spent the last 18 years of his life. The world experienced the Muslim liberal mind, its culmination and manifestation of benevolence for humanity. The last Prophet (SAW) has taught the Muslims to be merciful towards mankind irrespective of their cast or creed and endeavour heartfully for the ease of humanity. Shamefully Islam has been portrayed as the hard-line religion exhibiting repressive and subjugative mind. One who is ignorant of Islamic teachings and values may harbour such motives against Islam and can illustrate Islam in one’s own way but the ever long history makes it abundantly clear that Islam is a religion of peace and all its principles endeavour to the flourishment of mankind peace and harmony. One cannot even illude towards a single example that the followers of Islam have perpetrated cruelties, barbarities upon mankind. Islam has always condemned and prohibited the commission of butcheries on mankind and be driven the humanity as hoard of goats or animals.
Historic events play a decisive role in the annals of the world. Future is always the reflection of the past. Auspicious and evil deeds become the inalienable part of history. These events play a pivotal role in future and determine the path of ruin or flourishment. The verdict of Indian Apex Court will be remembered in the world history, the culmination of Hindus revengeful mind and on the other hand the inauguration of Kartarpur Corridor as an auspicious welcome of Muslim mind to world Sikh community. Hindus are rejoicing that Hindutva has won but the reality is the otherwise, smiling and saying that Hindutva is facing a sheer defeat. Islam’s main stress is on the preservation of humanity, it never aims at the destruction of mankind, the label of extremism on Islam is the manouvring of an ill-minded thought.
On the same day of 9th November the Indian Supreme Court five members bench including the Chief justice Rengan Gogai awarded a verdict in the case of Babri Mosque and announced that the Ram Mander will be constructed on the site of Babri Mosque and the Muslims may be given five acres of land at any other prominent place. The majority of Muslims rejected this unwarranted verdict of Indian Supreme Court and refused to take any other piece of land instead of the exact land of Babri Mosque.
On 6th December 1992, the Hindu extremists under the leadership of Kalian Singh of Wishwa Hindu Preshad demolished the Babri Mosque under the fallacious assumption and claim that Babri Mosque has been constructed in the reign of Mughal Emperor Babur at the place of Ram Mander. This is an exclusively false, vexacious and unwarranted excuse shorn of historic credibility.
On 5 December 1992, the Hindu extremists manifested their maligned designs to demolish Babri Mosque and the administration turned a deaf ear and remained a silent spectator on the heart wrenching event. Later on Hindus declared that 6 December is the day of “bravery” and celebrated this day as the “Day of Honour” for Hindus. Several Commissions and Committees were, later on, constituted to explore the pros and cons of the sad event. Supreme Court ordered to institute a case against the pioneers of the event: L.K Advani and Manohar Joshi etc, but all the participants of the conspiracy managed their escape from punishment.
After a long hearing the Indian High Court on 10th September 2010 announced its verdict that the disputed land be divided into three parts – one for mosque, the other for Ram Mander and the third for the “AKHARA of Baba Abhi Ramdas”. Indian Supreme Court former Chief Justice Markanday catjo, while commenting on the verdict of 9th November has expressed that if there is not any wise thing to say then silence is the best option.
Muslims have a pride-worthy history of centuries old justice based reign in India. But there is not even a single example that pressing, cruel and empirical motives have been inflicted on Hindus. Hindus are under the obsession that Muslims came from other regions of the world and by sword made them the victim of Muslim subjugative rule.
Having, prima facie, glimpse or even going deep down in the flow of events in India one would be obliged to form a confirm belief that Islam has not spread in India by the use of sword. It was embraced by the segments of Hindu society realizing the day like fact that Islam is the sole religion of the world destined for humanity to live in peace, prosperity and sheer harmony. The Muslim Saints of India taught the Hindus and other minorities the divine lesson that all persons of the world are equal and none is superior to others. The universal principles of Islam touched softly the human minds and it became the savior of mankind and will act as savior till the doomsday. Like its brilliant past, with the inauguration of Kartarpur Corridor, Islam has conquered the vibrant minds of mankind and Hindutva, due to its hostile endeavours towards mankinds has earned a sheer defeat, which is a stigma for India, to ever remain on the pages of history.
Hostile attitude cannot win human sympathy and trust. Hindutva has always exhibited and harboured revengeful motives against all other minorities living in India which the mankind is unable to imbibe and survive within its ambit. Indian Supreme Court has represented the R.S.S, BJP, Wishwa Hindu Preshed and other organizations and spelt out their fanatic motives towards Muslims. Babari Masjid verdict is not a court decision but in reality, the accent and exhibition of Hindutva mentality. Indian Supreme Court verdict will widen the ever increasing gulf between the Hindus and Muslims.
The Indian S.C verdict will have far reaching repercussions on the future history of the world. It will make the co-existence of Hindus and Muslims much more difficult than ever and sow the seeds of massive rebellions and resultantly ignite the freedom movements in India. This verdict is, in fact, the exposure of the universal fact that Hinduism is incapable to contribute to the world peace and harmony.
—The writer is a freelance Columnist based in Lahore ([email protected])

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