The Crafter’s expo for 10th anniversary event


With spectators looming, and the match stretching the sentiments of cricket lovers – several thousand enthusiasts diverted their support and passion for handmade at The Crafter’s Expo for its 10th anniversary event.

The venue welcomed the elderly in wheel chairs, young children with excitement ahead, and a diverse mix of family and friends who showed up in cheer for 135 businesses in the spirit of Handmade in Pakistan.

The event opened with a photography exhibition reflective of the Pyaar Baanto campaign by the Karachi Down Syndrome Program.

To get into spirits, R Photography conducted a photo booth with countless props to capture memories for the day. The outer activity area was abuzz with foods, demonstrations, integrations by Wah Snacks, Krave Mart, and even Blue Bird Arts.

Chacha Bashir, the balloon seller also made his way to the event for an encore presence. Sarwat Gilani’s Arthouse catered to hundreds of creative hands in activities, proceeds of which have been generously contributed to Smile Sunshine.

Countless children were engaged with Tiny Tales powered by Wahda Dolls for multiple story segments by local authors and story tellers.

Esnaf, the online marketplace offered its offline presence for books by Marzieh Abbas and Fiza Asar, while representing work by Trinkets and Creative Mess.

Some young creatives took full charge and connected with their customers in the gallery curated for children 16 and under.

With parents in support, the children had a ball of a time representing their crafts, and garnering appreciation. Firefly (the umbrella under which The Crafter’s Guild has flourished) was represented with vibrant and quirky gifts and lifestyle items.

Sulba and Gulela made their mark with traditional crafts in contemporary design. Popular with young people, Rusarte, Artkaari, The Paperbox and She’s Crafty offered a variety of trinkets, stationery and versatile gifts.

Traditional crafts represented by Akhtar Channal from Qalat and block printed textiles from Bhitshah were also popular at the event. Croise, a brand specializing in crochet craft had most of its beautiful range of dolls and toys reserved by afternoon.

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