The casualty of democracy and capitalism? | By Ali Ashraf Khan


The casualty of democracy and capitalism?


THE world Jewry and Christendom should wake up now and see the writing on their walls a silent message from Afghanistan that lies have no feet and truth always prevails, 9/11 was masterminded by them to subjugate Islamic counties through propaganda warfare having failed to curtail spread of Islam in western countries, because anyone who reads and understand teachings of Islam gets attracted because its focus is equality among all, economic social justice program and how to promote and protect humanity.

The claimant’s of freedom and liberty were first exposed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, when Henry Truman callously used Atom Bombs without considering the consequences or destruction it would cause, the atmosphere in these cities is still polluting and Albert Einstein the father of bomb got so much depressed seeing its miseries that he said “ It would have been much more better if I was a Carpenter instead of a Scientist” Worlds tragedy today is that we have become our own enemies and under falsehood and intoxication of power the mediocre leaders have emerged on the scene and are busy playing like a chemical boy in laboratory destroying societies through startling results.

Pandemic was the biggest bluff played by WHO and Covid-19 and new Delta variants spread is also a weapon of destruction of humanity to achieve Henry Kissinger’s Agenda-21.

So truth will always prevail and all technologies including artificial intelligence is bound to return on its inventors.

Whatever you sow, so shall you reap. Biden miscalculated the blunder George W Bush had made by shielding behind planned 9/11 incident to control oil and gas resources of Central Asian Republics through Afghanistan, after having failed earlier when he was Texas Governor to ink a deal with Taliban because Taliban refused to accept under the table cuts from US oil cartel comprising Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice and Bush, hence a false-flag operation was launched under the cover of twin-tower incident without any reason or justification against an established government of Taliban under the leadership of Mullah Omar.

I have earlier in my articles quoted details outlined by Bob Woodward in his book “Bush at War” which shows the real agenda of criminals playing havoc with humanity for sustaining their economic power.

20 years earlier Taliban Government in Afghanistan was attacked by world’s superpower when their B52 planes would fly for 24 hours from Hawaii get refuelled twice in the air and reach Afghan skies to start rain of carpet bombing and dizzy cutters without caring about civilian casualties.

If ICJ or World War Crimes Tribunal had taken timely action against the then US President George W. Bush, present insult and humiliation after 20 years could have been avoided.

For nearly two years US kept engaged with Taliban negotiating peace agreement trying under cover to make them compromise Afghan National interest in which apparently US has failed again like Texas negotiations, whatever game US and its cohorts are playing in Afghanistan after establishment of Government of Emirates of Islamic Afghanistan by prompting some stooges to demand national or coalition Government with Taliban has no justification whatsoever when American nation and leaders are also openly opposing present Biden policy as dangerous for their own future just like George Bush adamantly starting “preemptive warfare” in Afghanistan had, so the present rethinking after withdrawal from Afghanistan and redeployment of US troops again to protect Kabul airport smacks of hidden policy that America still doesn’t want to leave for which they are prompting those who had indulged in all sorts of corruption in Afghanistan during President Ashraf Ghani’s rule by loot and plunder, are now perhaps sponsored to demand a share in power to suit US agenda or push the country into another civil war under Taliban Government not realizing this will not just spill over to Pakistan, China, Iran and India but the US and their western allies will also be not safe, a new wave and kind of Arab Spring may be imported by western countries themselves.

Taliban in the last few days have shown a high degree of flexibility by announcing general amnesty and declaring affinity with all other sects and even minorities to live in peace by respecting fundamentals of Islamic laws, which do not conflict with them.

So earlier this invisible blockade by US and its allies is finished the better it would be, Pakistan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia should take the lead and recognize Taliban Government and provide all kinds of financial and technical assistance to Taliban’s in their formative stage as a brotherly gesture and human duty.

We must learn from history, as history is not respecter of kinship, dreaming for empire leads to your drowning with empire, Afghanistan has shown the real example to the west again. Allah may bless the Humanity.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in Karachi.

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