The basic rules of reforming society | By Mufti G Yasin Nizami



AS a human community, some rights and duties are imposed on a human being, and it is the religious duty of every Muslim to uphold them.

For example, justice, honesty, love, compassion, kindness and it is our national and religious obligation to keep the human society pure and clean from cruelty and persecution, lies and deceit, violence and coercion and strictness.

These are the qualities that we can create an ideal society. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: Do not hold grudges against one another, do not be jealous of one another and do not turn your back on one another, but be brothers to one another, servants of Allah.

One of the main reasons in our social life for the amount of hate, grudges and evils that are being born in our social life is our unethical attitude towards others, due to which the spirit of compassion and self-sacrifice for each other has been removed from our hearts today and we have become thirsty for each other’s blood, although Islam teaches us to live with good morals, high character and spirit of sacrifice in all areas of our lives. Undoubtedly, good manners are something that you can make your own.

One of our moral evils in the present era is that we people are always looking to find the faults and defects of others and then as soon as we see any evil or defect of someone, we use ridicule and mockery of others.

It is a very vile thing which is getting embedded in our society very fast. Although Islam has ordered to hide and overlook the faults and shortcomings of the Muslim brother and has expressed strong hatred and strong displeasure at revealing and concealing them.

Therefore, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, that whoever covers a Muslim, Allah will cover him on the Day of Resurrection.

The life of the world is a mixture of comfort and pain. Sometimes sufferings and hardships keep their camp in it and sometimes they sing their own songs of comfort and happiness.

Living with patience and tolerance in difficult times is not only the glory of a believer but also his distinction.

At this time, corruption, lawlessness, bloodshed, cruelty and violation of rights of others are common in every society of the world. The main reason and the real reason for this is humanity’s complete disregard of those traits and habits that God has deposited in our nature.

Telling the truth and hating lies, establishing justice and avoiding injustice, fulfilling covenants and working with trustworthiness are priceless and precious qualities.

In every civilized nation of the world, it is a custom that when you meet each other, you should say a word to each other to express your love and harmony.

Therefore, in view of this fact, Muslims have been ordered to greet and respond to each other for mutual harmony and expression of love while meeting each other.

The basis of the correctness of every word and action of a person is that for him his heart and his tongue are in harmony with each other, that is the name of truth. If these two things are not compatible with each other, there will be a contradiction in his every word and action, and this is called lying.

Respect for humanity is the attribute and quality with which the continuity of humanity is associated. Human dignity means respect for humanity. It is a fact that the correct collective affairs of human beings are related to respect for each other.

Islam not only taught respect for humanity but also ordered to follow it strictly. Islam has laid great stress on the protection of human rights and the avoidance of harming human beings.

The attribute of respect is one of the virtues of Islamic ethics which is the basis of connection and relationship with each other. According to Islamic law, every human being is noble.

One of the manifestations of respect in the society is to honour and respect elders. Respect for elders is to respect them, to respect their position and rank and when they are talking, to listen to their words. Listen carefully with silence and attention and do not interrupt them.

I should respect women regardless of gender in the society. Islam has given a great status to women, and ordered them to be treated with respect and benevolence. If a woman is a mother, her obedience and service is obligatory.

In Islam, every human being is respected, even if he is in a state of war and no matter what his religion is! We should train our children and subordinates in all important Islamic values right from the beginning.

If the husband and wife respect each other in front of the children in the home, the home will be illuminated with the light of security and respect and blessings. Students should be taught respect in schools and Madaris and should be told that the polite are lucky and the rude are unlucky.

These are some of the principles and rules of social reform that by adopting them in practical life, we can create a good, righteous and noble society, and by correcting our religious and worldly affairs, we can lead a peaceful and enviable life in the world.

— The writer is contributing columnist, based in Islamabad.