Thaw in Centre-Sindh relations


PRIME Minister Imran Khan’s daylong visit to Karachi proved to be very productive as it offered an opportunity to him to have an unusual but result-oriented meeting with Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah besides interaction with the leadership of coalition partners, party leaders, businessmen and industrialists as well as address to Kamyab Jawan Programme ceremonya at the Governor House. The Prime Minister is reported to have agreed to the request of the CM for replacement of the incumbent Inspector-General of Police and also pledged to extend cooperation of the Federal Government in resolving problems of the province especially those of Karachites.
All those who care about future of the country agree that mandate of all parties whether they are in the Centre or in the provinces should be accepted in the true sense of the word, which obviously means good working relations for the sake of the people and smooth working of the system. It has, however, been observed that the Centre and the provinces remained at odds in case there are different parties in power as is the case with Federal and Provincial Governments of Sindh. There have been repeated statements from some government leaders about change in Sindh despite the fact that PPP enjoyed absolutely majority in the province and it was almost next to impossible to disturb the equilibrium. It is all the more difficult task for PTI which is not having smooth sailing with all of its coalition partners including MQM and GDA from Sindh. Therefore, the tension between the Centre and the Sindh Governments was uncalled for and unnecessary and served nothing except wastage of energies and efforts that should have gone for resolution of the problems of the people. There are many issues and challenges in Sindh that can effectively be addressed with the cooperation and assistance of the Federal Government and this is particularly so in the case of Karachi. Governor Imran Ismail deserves credit for playing a positive role in the resolution of the issue of appointment of a new IGP and bringing the political temperature down. It would be in the interest of the people of Sindh if this thaw in relations proves to be long-lasting irrespective of political differences of PPP and PTI.