Thatta in grip of polluted sewerage water

Our Correspondent

Whenever the inundation caused by philthy, polluted sewerage line’s water making the lives of Thatta people miserable.

Citizens, shopkeepers and other men who use to come the city and purchase things are facing troubles from the last long time.

The inundation of the main Bazaar streets have on the onside created problems for the people but on second side has also impacted business and routines life of historical city because of spread knee cap water level where and there.

Although the Mahlahs units of city including Brohi Mohlah, Uqaily Mohlah, Bukhari, Shah Mubeen and other areas face unhygienic situation from the last two years, but the inundation of main shahi bazaar has created so many issues for the citizens and badly impacted on the business of shopkeepers, stall holders etc.


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