Terrorism against Kashmiris!


Since freedom from British rulers – got space of cart for business from Mughals in Calcutta and then captured whole India. Hindus also, did/doing their best to eliminate (especially) Muslim community from India. Hindus think they are superior and have all-rights to live in whole Hindustan. For this purpose they used/using every Changez/Hitar like acts for subjugating Muslim, Christians, Sikhs and even low-caste Hindus (***). And side-by-side; dancing for ‘Secularism’. Is it??
Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is an Article – stamped by UN in (her) 183rd session on 10 December 1948. This Article is based on solid principles which protect basic rights irrespective of race, religion, sex, creed and colour. This codified document contributes to certain defined international laws (IL) regarding human rights. All States are (bound) to formulate their constitution and laws under the aegis of these principles and act accordingly. Even than terrorism of Indian Hindus is going on: raping 3-70yr; killing people on the basis of cow-slaughtering whereas Hindus are owner of cow-slaughter-houses and, blinding through pallet-guns to Kashmiris (***)!
In the 80s Hindu government raided the Golden Temple – sacred place of Sikhs on the planet – and crushed them inhumanly. Recently; Terrorist-Modi also committed “constitutional terrorism” by abrogating Articles 370 and 35-A which is (totally) against the principles of UN’s UDHR (+) promises made in UN Forums by their deceit forefathers ‘Gandhi; Nehru etceteras’!!
Unfortunately; principles of UN could not be implemented till-now, especially for Muslim majority – Kashmir; Philistine (***). The main reason was/is vested interests of some countries. So, now, communities other than Hindus of India should not wait for implementation of UN’s UDHR/any other. Enough is enough – raise hands towards Sky; get sword in hand and march-together to get rid of Modi’s terrorism forever – do/die!!
Tatrinote, AK


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