Terror attack bid on police training college foiled; five arrested


The law enforcement agencies have foiled a plot to attack the Police Training College Saeedabad here on Monday.

DIG Counter Terrorism Department (CTD), Umar Shahid, in a media talk here said that five terrorists have been arrested, including two suicide bombers, in a raid near Jamshoro.

The accused informed during the investigation that they had planned an attack on the Police Training College Saeedabad in Karachi, CTD chief said.

“The Rangers and intelligence teams were working against this terrorist cell for some time. They had returned from Afghanistan to Pakistan”, Umar Shahid said.

Rangers Colonel Shabbir, talking to media said,” We completed this operation yesterday.

The head of the terrorist group had Afghanistan’s passport. During the Swat operation he had returned back to Afghanistan with his family,” Colonel Shabbir said.

“The law enforcers have also recovered a map of Saeedabad and relevant video from the accused,” Rangers official said.

“Arrested terror suspects have been affiliated with the banned TTP outfit,” CTD chief Umar Shahid further disclosed.

“It seemed the terrorists had made reconnaissance for their attack in Karachi,” CTD official said.

“They had returned Karachi for terrorist attack.” Omar Shahid Hamid said that the complete recording of the training center was also recorded on a Compact Disk (CD) which was recovered from their possession.

Besides, CD recorded statements of suicide bombers Amir Khan and Nigar Ali, which were to be issued post suicide attack, was also recovered from them.

The Officer told the media that arrested terrorists also confessed their involvement in number of other terrorist activities.

The CTD recovered two suicide jackets with detonators, six hand grenades, primer cord, three SMGs, two 9mm pistols along with Magazines, two police uniforms, map of Saeedabad Police Training Centre, mobile phones and CDs.