Television corrupts the minds of youth | By Jubel D’Cruz, Mumbai


Television corrupts the minds of youth

WATCHING too much of television programmes/movies/serials is a waste of time and it is slowly corrupting the minds of our youths.

It also encourages teen violence, sex, drugs, inappropriate language and bullying. Unhealthy lifestyles and low social skills are also a negative effect from watching TV.

The time spent in watching television should be a small limited amount and more time should be spent outside the house and interacting with people.

Watching too much of television also hampers creativity. Although TV is the most popular source of entertainment, it leaves nothing to our imagination.

Our brains become captive of the idiot box, and thus it is prevented from thinking anything beyond the shows on TV.

Some of the programmes on television that teenagers and children decide to watch are also very negative and destructive to the mind.

Dramas can put extra stress on the shoulders of our youths and teens live with enough stress in their lives as it is.

Teen minds are like sponges; they soak up their environment and act like the influences they are around.

More children are put through bullying today than in the past and television has played a major role in displaying harsh language and bullying.

A huge percentage of adolescents have also started developing unhealthy habits in front of the idiot box.

It has been proven that the more time a person spends watching television, the sooner they are going to die.

Being active is one of the most important necessities of a person’s body; and why would someone want to abuse their bodies by obsessive TV watching?

More time should be spent experiencing the great outdoors and developing real life friendships.

Everything with television and electronics has limited the amount of real-life social interactive. Television, texting, video games and the internet have all limited outside interaction.

Life is about living each day throughout new experience and when someone is bottled up in their homes talking to people through these electronics, they don’t develop the same relations like they would when they would come face to face with a person.

Television has also started brain washing the children and youths of our future, and with every generation, children and teenagers are getting lazier and lazier day by day.

Despite all the negativity with watching television, there are a few ways it can be made into a helpful and handy tool.

Depending on what is being watched, the mind is fed with information. It is important to choose wisely in what is being watched because the information put into the brain is used in everyday-life situations.

There is a huge variety of television programmes available for young audience to watch, and if more educational programmes are watched, positive outcomes will occur in the viewer’s actions.

With the right shows and conditions, television is a wonderful tool for healthy mind development.

But in all reality, television is a waste of time within a person’s life and more time should be spent outside the house interacting with people and looking at the beauty of nature.

Television corrupts the minds of the youth, contributes to developing an unhealthy lifestyle and lowers interacting and social skills. People should step out onto the earth and experience what they are watching on TV.

There is always something better to be doing rather than sitting in front of a large box displaying coloured motions.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in Mumbai, India .


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