Tehran accredits Islamic Emirate diplomat: Source


A source at the Afghanistan embassy in Iran confirmed that Tehran accredited an Islamic Emirate diplomat in the embassy.

The source told TOLOnews that although diplomats of the former government are still heading up the issues related to consulate services in Iran, the Islamic Emirate’s diplomat is working as third secretary.

“Iran is willing to address some issues via engagement, the two countries share a long border and things like drug and human smuggling happen along the border, so Iran wants to solve these things by engagement,” said Sayed Noorullah Raghi, an Afghan former diplomat.

“This move will increase engagement and the Islamic Emirate will be aware of movements happening between countries, especially about Afghan refugees in Iran,” said Abbas Hussaini, an Afghan journalist in Iran.

In the meantime, officials of the Islamic Emirate did not offer any information about a new diplomat in Tehran, stating only that several diplomats of the Islamic Emirate are working in embassies.

“Our diplomats are busy with consulate services in many countries, but specifically about Iran, still no information is available,” said Bilal Karimi, deputy spokesman of Islamic Emirate.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry confirmed it is engaging in diplomacy with the Islamic Emirate, however, it said this does not mean recognition.

“The sending of diplomats between capitals and embassies is something normal … and does not mean recognition,” said Saeed Khatibzadah, Iranian FM spokesman.

The Islamic Emirate-led government has diplomats in many countries including China, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and some Gulf and African countries.—Tolonews

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